Andrew Edward Baronu

Wood Elf Druid


(2x) High Druid, Positive
(1x) Archmage, Conflicted

Hunter (his father) – 5
Wildlife Rehabilitator – 2
Botanist – 1


Male, 5’11". Around 105 years old (mentally). He was kicked out of his home early in life, guided by Matt. His body was cursed to age twice as fast while in human form, but trained by the druids, he learned to balance that by aging in reverse in beast form. In the druidic order had a vision of another female elf with the same issue, and they got together and the curse was removed.

My backstory:

My name is Andrew Edward Baronu … Drew for short. I am writing this journal to remind myself of who I am as recent events and thoughts may be leading me astray. I am a 105 year old .. a wood elf … born of human parents…in a human only village.

You probably are thinking … shouldn’t one of your parents be an elf … and I agree … keep reading and you will lean … no more interrupting.

I don’t remember my birth, and most people or beings can’t either. I was told how I became a wood-elf. I was born during a planetary alignment, and elsewhere in the world at the precise moment the Archmage was completing a ritual which involved time alteration…and so …somehow I was born a wood-elf instead of a human.

Eh … no big deal … right ? …. WRONG

At age one, I was twice the height of the other one year olds, by age two .. as tall as the four year olds. By age three, the hats that my parents had been using to hide my pointy ears were not enough to hide that something was up. By the time I was ten, I had aged to the point of the 20 year olds in the village. The village grew uneasy, and between the ages of 5 and 10 my father knew there would be a day I would need to leave the village. He had prepared me. He was one of the finest hunters in town and we would leave town days or a week or more at a time living in the woods … tracking … hunting … living off the land. My mother while we were gone would keep to herself as interacting with the townsfolk would only raise questions where we were and what is up with your son. When I became the young adult at age 10, my family was isolated and I was forced to leave the village.

I joined a community of elves hoping for acceptance. I tended to wounded animals the elves would find. I seemed to understand the animals better than most … and they seemed to understand me. Years went by, and they started noticing my accelerated aging. I left and sought help from the Druidic Order. To my surprise, I was welcomed with open arms and apparently they were expecting me. They taught me the ways of how to control the inner beast in me that had been dormant for so many years. They taught me the flow of nature. What might be the end of one thing … could be the start of another.

I was told I was special … Duh … really … do you know anyone else who ages twice as fast ?

They also said there may be a cure for my affliction. A Soul Ritual was performed and through it I saw another … like me … a woman. Through our bond our curses were removed. Until recently, I thought my only quest was to find my soulmate.

Which brings us to more recent events…of visions … of wars … and … of freedom. Yes … when I was young … I was told how I became a wood-elf. However … what if … what if they were lying or not telling me everything. What if the ritual that the Archmage was working on the moment I was born was to save my life … or my mothers at child birth. What if I was born a beast …and the Archmage has hidden the truth of what happened and made me elven to lead me to the path I am travelling now ? I was told there were complications at childbirth and my mother barely survived (especially if I was born a bear cub). You can imagine what the birth of an elven child between two human parents during the most active magic time in this millennium would do. That planetary alignment happens every thousand years … and from what I understand people could feel the electricity in the air. Maybe I will live to see the next one.

So yes … there are some conflicts within me. I haven’t even gotten to the next part. I mentioned earlier how I learned from the Druidic Order to control the inner beast. Somehow when I am in beast form … my body gets younger at the same rate as I get older in human form. Well … the Druidic Order did say I was special.

This is where it gets a bit complicated. In the past I have tried to balance the amount of time in each form. I am 105 years old … or rather … I look like I am a 105 year old Wood-Elf. I have looked like a 105 year old wood-elf for a very long time. This means that if I am spending a year as a walking Wood-Elf … I am spending a year as an animal … or a beast. A beast. A beast has freedom. And I find as of late when I am high in the air … or hunting along the ground … I want to either continue to soar above the clouds and not return … or start running and not return … or tear apart my prey…and eat them. It is like the animal in me does not want the Elf in me to come back out. The freedom however is almost like a drug. Don’t even get me started on the alluring pumpkin punch … I knew better … my friends didn’t.

I mentioned of war. Something is brewing between the Orcs and the Dwarves. I have been given a task from the High Druid herself (well … her gnome messenger) to find out what is going on and relay anything I found out to her. Which I certainly will … I would bear her child for her … no pun intended.

The vision … oh boy. I had a vision of a tower near a swampy area and a a dragon. I have yet to go toe to toe with a dragon. When I had this vision the sense of nature … of … that familiar energy I feel when I transform to humanoid form was all around.

I had shared my vision with one of my comrades … Simon. And he too had some similar experiences. Boy he was an old fellow. I say Simon was an odd fellow because during the last battle with nasty spiders … his ‘oddness’ kicked into high gear (no more than normal I originally thought) … and he was gone. What replaced him was … well …something else … or rather … someone else. I have yet to get to know him … however I know he can cook … yum yum. There are others in our band. Durm the Dwarven Monk. Who would have thought that the Monk order would train those mining folk..but oh my. I have seen him practically hover in the air for seconds kicking about. They should train more dwarves. There is also Mike. Mike is quick on his feet and a master of the dagger … and the thieving arts … always handy to have around. Deek … the sorcerer. I always thought they were primarily stage magicians. I have seen him turn our enemies to dust just with a wave of his hand. Lastly … an old friend of mine is with us as well … Aazon the Wood-Elf Ranger. Honestly … I think that man was born with a sword in each hand ready to spring into action. I would trust him at my back anytime, and if it came down to it … would save his life over anyone of the others.

My comrades and I have been traveling with a carrier in a cart full of a weapons cache for the orcs. Our plan … from what I understand … is to scout the camp … get to the bottom of this orc – dwarf business … who knows … maybe even stop it. It is a little hazy sometimes with the details. Sometimes in beast form … I feel more beast controlled than humanoid. Oh … did I mention the dragon from my vision is bombarding the orc camp ? A part of me tells me to keep my distance of what is to come … but the other part of me is hungry. Hungry … for blood.

Andrew Edward Baronu

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