Durn Hammerfall

Dwarven Monk


(1x) Dwarf King – Conflicted
(2x) Priestess – Positive

Miner – 2
Cliff Monk – 2
Monastery Farmer – 2
Tax Collector – 1
Monk anatomy – 1


Similar viewpoint as the priestess, but not a follower of her. Thinks the Priestess likes him. Last trained of the Grandmaster of Flowers. Ogre Magi hunted down his sect / students / followers. An old festering wound from the leader of the Ogre finally drew him down into death. Set off on his own to figure out himself; too complacent living in the monastery. Shortly after leaving, found the priestess. Left because he didn’t feel this is what the Grandmaster of Flowers intended to save the world. Followed a caravan and ended up in Bifocal valley. Ogre Magi wanted to bring back ancestors. “The Risen” – incarnations of ancient ancestors

Durn Hammerfall

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