Dragon Empire

I Feel The Need...The Need For Greed!

Our heroes took time to recover from their fight and to re-analyze their surroundings. They spent some time exploring the temple, looking for clues as to where items go. The examination of the teleportation circle led them to believe that items were sent, rather than summoned away, leading them to require the ritual to perform and not simply waiting on the circle to be summoned themselves. Unfortunately, none in the group were capable of focusing their chaotic ways into performing ritual casting.

Meanwhile, a way out was discovered in the pool of water in the north west corner. After some combined searching, Mike and Durn discovered a way to open a hidden staircase in the floor of the pool. The water quickly drained to allow passage to the other side.

Our weary travelers took time to also examine the copiousness of magical gear and equipment, quickly doling out both one-use and true magic items across the team. Being overwhelmed by the sheer power of the magic items’ personalities, the group could not continue….


relshar relshar

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