Dragon Empire

Out Of The Temple, Into The Fire

Our heroes found their way out of the caves using the set of stairs below the fountain pool in the temple structure. They quickly discovered a set of sleeping orcs and combat ensued! The group had little issue in hunting down the remaining orcs sleeping/hiding in the cavern. They restocked their food supplies, took what rest they could, and contemplated how to proceed.

At dawn, a man, driving a wagon propelled by an elemental, pulled up to the cavern entrance. Our heroes had time to rest and recover their strength, getting what sleep they could, before the arrival of this driver. After some hefty suspicions, the group was able to force some information out of the driver — the exact location where he was taking the goods. After a few more threats, he agreed to drive the crew to the rendezvous location, provided they gave him compensation so he could go on the run. It wasn’t likely his previous employers would allow him to live out the night, should they find out.

We leave off with the group setting up camp for the night, after a long day of travel.


relshar relshar

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