Magic Items

Chimes of Aglorana (MATT)

Recharge 11+: When played (standard action), allows everyone within close range to gain a “charge” — they can reroll a natural fumbled attack in a battle. Lasts for the encounter.
Quirk: constantly whistling, humming, etc.

Herbal Compendium (PETER) (BoL 35)

This isn’t just a book – if you’ve got a copy of the herbal compendium, then you’ve also got bags of dried herbs, gardening tools, dirt under your fingernails and things growing in your hair. You get a +4 bonus to any skill checks relating to herb lore and plant life, and you almost always have a herbal remedy to deal with a problem or free-form challenge. At the very least, you can say what sort of herb could help in the current situation, and you know the regions it’s said to grow in.
Quirk: Always grubby.

Ring of Poor Choices (BoL 54) (JOSH)

Recharge 11+: (Quick action) This ring allows you to subtly influence the choices made by your enemies. When you use it, make a Charisma + Level attack vs. MD against one nearby enemy. If you hit, you may suggest a poor choice for the target’s next action. The course of action you suggest must be relatively reasonable – stabbing an ally for no reason is a terrible decision, not a poor one. You could, however, suggest that the enemy engage the raging barbarian instead of the unarmored and wounded wizard, or that the city guard chasing you try climbing the outside of the building instead of following you up the stairs. The GM has final say over the victim’s actions – this ring lets you influence people, not mind-control them.
Quirk: Self-deluded and blind to own faults.

Belt of Illusions (recharge 16+) (BoL 52) (JOSH)

This belt works like the wizard spell disguise self, altering your appearance by cloaking you in a magical disguise. Unlike the spell, though, you can disguise yourself as a specific person without penalty. There’s a trick to it, though – there’s a leather pouch attached to the belt, and the illusion’s based on whatever you put into the pouch. The more personal the item, the better. The illusion lasts for ten minutes, and whatever item you place in the pouch is consumed when the duration expires.
Quirk: Insists on elaborate systems of passwords and magic wards to defeat rival shapeshifters and doppelgangers.

Detachable Gloves (BoL 53) (JAKE)

You may remove your hand and send it scurrying across the ground like a five-legged spider. Not only is this hilarious at children’s parties, but you may control your detached hand by remote thought, allowing you to perform actions at a distance. Even when on detached duty, your hand shares your allocation of actions, so if you want the hand to cover any distance, you’ll need to spend a move action on it. You can’t attack with your hand, but can cast spells through it that rely on touch. If anyone injures your hand, you suffer the damage. You can reattach your hand by picking it up and touching it to your wrist.
Quirk: Evil hand. Or good hand. Hand of opposite alignment to you, anyway.

Boots of Convenience (BoL 52) (LARKIN)

Recharge 11+: When you’re not engaged, you may choose to temporarily be nearby or far away when targets are chosen for an attack, regardless of your actual physical position on the battlefield. So, you can be nearby the cleric when she casts heal, but then snap back to far away when the evil spellcaster fireballs the area.
Quirk: Whenever you visit a tavern or other gathering-place, you attract a retinue of sycophants and ne’er-do-wells who vanish whenever you might ask them a favor.

Ring of Defense (Dan)

Recharge 11+: When you take damage from an attack, prevent 10 of that damage.
Quirk: Stubborn.

Pendant of Burning Blood (Dan)

Recharge 11+: Your blood is black, thick as treacle and hot as boiling oil. As a free action when you take untyped ongoing damage (so, just plain “X ongoing damage”, as opposed to ongoing psychic damage or ongoing fire damage or whatever), you may inflict an amount of fire damage equal to that ongoing damage on all foes engaged with you.
Quirk: Passionate in the extreme.

Boots of Ferocious Charge (Jake)

+1 to disengage and other fancy footwork.
Whenever you move to engage a foe first and then make a melee attack against it during the same turn, you deal +1d6 damage, hit or miss.
Quirk: You like to start fights as much as you like to finish them.

Circlet of Swift Thought (Larkin)

Recharge 11+: Increase your Initiative by 4.
Quirk: The slightest delay infuriates you.

Cloak of Misdirection (Matt)

Recharge 16+: When engaged by two or more enemies, if one of them strikes you with a melee attack, you may activate the cloak to have that melee attack also strike another engaged foe. The same attack roll is applied to this new extra target, so it is possible that an attack that hit you still misses the second target. You may not use any powers or abilities that avoid attacks or negate damage in conjunction with the cloak you have to feel the pain before you can share it.
Quirk: Gets into fights a little too readily.

Potion Belt of Recovery (Josh)

+1 recovery
Recharge 16+: Drink a potion stored on this belt as a quick action. Holds 6 potions.
Quirk: Constantly attempts to refill everyone else’s drinks, potions, rations, etc.

Scroll of Unspoken Deeds

Although this scroll is initially blank when discovered, it nonetheless feels stained and sordid, and slightly moist to the touch. Write a description of an event on the scroll, and everyone involved in that event in any way becomes unwilling to speak about it or react to it. They are consumed by feelings of shame, as if whatever happened was vile, unwholesome, unworthy and also their fault.

For example, if you wrote ‘we stole the treasure hoard of Galdhirix the Dragon’ on the scroll, then Galdhirix would be consumed with embarrassment at having his treasure hoard stolen. The dragon might still try to recover the hoard, but would never dare mention it to another dragon, or even a minion. Your fellow party members would also be afflicted, although how they deal with their feelings of guilt is up to them.

If you wrote ‘I was caught spying on the Elf Queen’s Ambassador in Newport’, then the Ambassador would leap to the conclusion that reporting your misdeed would implicate him in someone treasonous or illicit, and that the best thing to do is never mention the incident to anyone ever again.

As bearer of the scroll, you’re immune to shame. We just mean magical shame, but if you’re the sort of person who appreciates items like this, then you’ve probably got normal shame covered yourself.

You may scrape the scroll clean and inscribe a new event on it, but that lifts the enchantment from the previous shameful incident. You may inscribe an event that you weren’t involved in, but you need to be able to describe it in detail and note down everyone who was there.

Quirk: Delights in needling people and reminding them of things they’d prefer to leave unspoken.

Oil of Fiery Burning (Champion)

Every now and then an alchemist forgets the warning label for these volatile oils; with explosive results. When this oil is exposed to air it instantly combusts, inflicting damage to d3 nearby creatures. The usual use of the oil is as a thrown weapon, like a grenade or Molotov cocktail. If used in this way, the attack is a basic ranged attack. The damage itself differs by tier. If the stopper is removed, a DC: 20 dexterity check must made to stop the flask exploding in your hands!
Attack: 1d20 + DEX + Level
Damage: 4d8

Lethal Strike arrow

Crit range expanded by 1 (i.e., 19-20)
+1d10 damage on a hit.

Magic Items

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